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About Tailift - A Toyota Industries Group Company. 
Forklifts, electric Reach Trucks, electric Order Pickers, electric Stackers, Pallet Jacks, Propane / Electric
Made in Taiwan

50 years of support, quality, and value.

Tailift was established in 1973 in Taiwan.

Today, we distribute our products on a global scale.

We have 3 factories and are available in over 50 countries.

While Taiwan serves as the company's manufacturing,

Tailift USA serves as distribution for the United States.


Tailift Group Divisions:

1973 Taiwan – Facility Size: 5,000 Units

2001 China – Facility Size: 40,000 Units

2008 United States – Facility Size: 200 Units

2015 Jointed Toyota Industries Group


Celebrating 50 years in the forklift industry, Tailift is a leading manufacturer, known for durable and reliable forklifts. They have shared company ownership with Toyota Industries Group since 2015. Available in 50+ countries, they provide class one through five forklifts globally.


While industrial forklifts are one of their best-selling products, Tailift also manufactures stackers, pickers, and pallet jacks. To ensure quality, assistance, and approval in product development are provided by Toyota Industries Group.


They are a rapidly growing company that has proven to be reliable and consistent even during worldwide supply chain issues. In addition to their forklift inventory, A wide variety of parts are readily available at Tailift USA’s warehouse in Houston, Texas.

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