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Persistent Pursuit Of Quality

“Quality is conscience” ”Our mission is to provide quality products for clients” These are the slogans of Ningbo Ruyi regarding quality, as well as the require of conduct of all employees for product quality. Persistent pursuit for quality is the primary factor boosting Ningbo Ruyi to the position of industry leader management team understands that stable and reliable product quality is key to realizing all of the enterprise’s development strategies in the face of inc. competition in the international market. Over the past 37 years, Ningbo Ruyi has constantly upgraded its production techniques and adhered to the principle of "Quality first”, with an aim to make every product perfect.

Ningbo Ruyi was established in 1985, mainly produce Manual/Electric pallet Manual/electric stacker, Reach truck, Order picker, Lift table, Tractor, Forklift material handling equipment.


Ningbo Ruyi adheres to the concept of synchronous development of global adopts more than 800 sets of advanced automation processes and equipm laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, machining center, robot we spraying line, etc. We have established a perfect quality inspection system a modernization and digital detection.


"Product innovation, management innovation, quality innovation, equipment sales innovation" -- five major scientific innovations are the fundamental power source of "Ruyi" development, "clean for dust, machine for human, space for land, e-c market, cage for bird, confidence for danger" -- six new initiatives not only p enterprise's own development, but also promote the technological progress industry, making "Ruyi" to develop the world's leading industrial handling vehicle technology, seize the commanding height of handling vehicles, extend the i strengthen and expand the "Ruyi" industrial platform, and cultivate international competitiveness.

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